Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Along with Zeniius – the BUSINESS SOCIAL NETWORK for CEOs, we help CEOs find the right partners, collect all the skills they need from global resources to accomplish such great project through collaboration, and put their company as well as personal ability on the map. Here are several main compositions of BitCEO:


Zeniius is a dynamic & active social network platform for CEOs. We currently run it in the forms of mobile application and website, with the beta version currently available on App Store & Google Play. Zeniius will be the first application integrated with BCEO as its transactional token

Ability Card is the way we symbolize the business promise to deliver the products/sevices/ability between CEOs.Ability Cards are priced with BitCEO, which changes with market conditions.

ZeniScore represents the intangible value that users have contributed to the Zeniius system. The more ZeniScore a CEO accumulates, the more he is proven to have contributed to the system. It Is a reputation score of CEO and CEO ‘s abilities using the A.I and Blockchain technology by collecting their related activities in the Zeniius and real life. With ZeniScore, we can rank CEOs.

This is the final piece for the Zeniius ecosystem. The CEOs who receive the Ability Card may or may not have the need for the Ability Card. However, the special feature of the Ability Card is not just illustrating that a CEO owes another CEO a performance promise, but also signifies the connection between the CEOs. Increasing the amount of Ability Cards would increase the chances for any CEO to connect with other CEOs. Therefore, CEOs will have the need to exchange, collect or even purchase the Ability Card and thus form a marketplace for the Ability Card – Ability Store.

BCEO is an ERC20 Ethereum token, and can be stored on any ethereum address, able to hold ERC20 tokens.

You do not need to add BCEO to MEW manually, it is a default token.

BitCEO is in presale progress and will be bought in the bitCEO ICO page. In the future when we finish the ICO, bitCEO can be traded on several exchanges like LAToken, CoinBene, IDAX,…

At first, with nothing but reputation and a beta of our product, we were increasing BCEO liquidity, adoption and brand awareness by listing it on new exchanges, as every new exchange increases our potential customer base. We are adding more and more use cases for BCEO on the platform to create a natural demand, while burning some fees collected, reducing the circulating supply. Some of projects, launched on the platform, are accepting BCEO as a payment or loyalty method, providing external markets and additional liquidity for the asset.

Tokens are to be delivered 1 week after the ICO ends. We may deliver tokens sooner with a lockup.

Private: Done | Pre-Sale: Done | Public sale: Updating

You can download Zeniius app in our website here:

The total supply of BitCEO is 3,500,000,000 tokens

The supply available for purchase in presale is 366,100,000 BCEO, the supply available for purchase in ICO is 1,020,000,000 BCEO.

Link can be found on our BitcoinTalk thread. Currently, it finish.