Jalong Hoang

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CEO & Founder bitCEO, CEO & Founder Atomic Vietnam, Chairman CEO K35 Group Jsc, Founder G.E.N – the largest CEO community in Vietnam with 50,000 CEO.

Master Best Paper – International AI workshop for Using Genetic Algorithm and NLP in a personal scheduling system.

Leader of CEO k35/1k with 2,000 CEOs – one of the most dynamic & active CEO community in Vietnam including 3% which the annual revenue are more than 50M USD. Co-founder of G.E.N – the largest CEO Community in Vietnam with 50,000 CEOs

8 years startup experience with 4 companies which the business is cross over the world: USA, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, China and millions dollars of annual revenue

The enthusiastic blockchain supporter and help connect to build the Vietnam BlockchainHub to form the Vietnam Blockchain alliance and the largest Blockchain community in ZeniiCrypto Application.

Hung Hoang

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“Master of Computer Science, HCM University of Technology. Co-Founder of YesIwant Vietnam Ltd , Co-Founder of SS Garment Factory, Co-Founder of Atomic Vietnam Ltd”

Hung Hoang has over 10 years of experience in computer science. He is one of the top students to get the Master of Computer Science and being Teaching Assistant at HCM University of Technology. Being a self starter, he also co-founded YesIwant Vietnam Ltd – an ecommerce fashion company, co-founded SS Garment Factory – a small garment factory, co-founded Atomic Vietnam Ltd – a technology company. His prior experience focuses on distributed system, blockchain, ERP System and Artificial Intelligence.

Lam Vo

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Transformational Life & Business COACH

Lam Vo is currently a Business Trainer, Personal Trainer and Expert in Human Resource Connection for the world’s leading brands: ActionCOACH, ICF (International Coach Federation) and Engage & Grow. In addition, he is also the speaker of currently popular programs: Leadership Best Practices, Coaching Skills, Empower Your Life, DISC … He is consistently ranked among the top 25 global business coaches, and currently training 25 businesses in Vietnam from 100 to 1000 billion VND.

Minh Chu

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KiwiGROUP’s Founder

Minh Chu is Founder of KiwiGROUP – one of the pinoneer organizations educated about Blockchain/Crypto in Vietnam market, with more than 100 events with over 5000 attendees in the last 2 years.

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CPA, Founder & Managing Partner of Viet & Partners Co., Ltd; CPA, CFO of Vietgroup Investment & Development JSC; Former Deputy Director of ITO Auditting Co., Ltd; Former Finance Manager & Chief Accountant of MySQUAR Ltd – Listed on AIM of London Stock Exchange;

Viet Nguyen has been practicing as a CFO & CPA for over 10 years. He is a result-oriented professional who looks to deliver completed work with efficiency and clarity, no matter how complex the issue is. He specialized in financing and raising to many of their largest and most prestigious closely-held companies such as MySQUAR- Listed on AIM of London Stock Exchange.

Phuong Tran

Chief Design Officer
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Phuong is the CEO of AstroTemplates, which specializes in Website, concept art and graphic designs.

Prior to founding and directing his own firm, he contributed his leadership for 5 years at Codespot, the first Vietnamese company to hit USD 1,000,000 in sales in the world’s largest template market – ThemeForest. Phuong’s philosophy is to always strive and visually illustrate the essence and beauty of technology.

Luan Hoang

Mobile Project Manager
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Bachelor of Software Engineering, University of Information Technology Co-founder & Manager, Core Developer at Atomic VietNam CO., LTD

Intern and work at VNG Corporation for 3 years, of which 2 years as frontend developer for and 1 year as backend report for VNG web games (The main programming languages are php and javascript). After that, I worked for 2 years as a fullstack developer at Sieu Si. From 2016 until now, he has been working as a manager and IOS developer at Atomic VietNam.

Hoan Do

Web Project Manager
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Master of Computer Science – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne

Hoan Do has a huge enthusiasm for technologies and business management. After graduating from the Master’s program in Computer Science, EPFL, Switzerland in 2014, Hoan Do gained vast experience while working for Swiss firms and and co-founding a Vietnamese e-commerce site – YesIwant Vietnam. In 2015, he is Founder & CEO at Wizy Vietnam – a world class agency which helps develop digital business more efficiently, powered by Vietnamese top digital talents.

Phung Dinh

Chief Hacker
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Chief Hacker at Atomic Vietnam

Phung Dinh has 10 year of experience in the field of technology and social network. His interests, outside of technology include classical music and sports.

Trung Trinh

A.I. Developer
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BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Trung Trinh has recently graduated from the University of Technology in Ho Chi Minh city with the second highest GPA in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He is the mastermind behind the AI in real estate used in Zeniius, which is also his bachelor’s thesis. His primary interests include playing table tennis, badminton, watching US-UK TV Shows and training deep learning model. His dream is to use AI algorithms to build a better society through automation.

Hon Pham

A.I. Developer
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BSc (Hons) Computer Science, Freelancer in AI, Business softwares developing

Graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam.1 year of experience in researching and building deep learning models in AI to extract different aspects of texts. 1 year of experience in developing business softwares, won the first prize in the Business Idea competition – held by University of Economics and Finance – with the project: EASY LOCATION (a smart software in finding locations). Interested in blockchain, participated in the VIETNAM BLOCKCHAIN 2017 competition and won the fourth prize.

Dang Ngo

A.I. Developer
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BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Dang Ngo has recently graduated from the University of Technology in Ho Chi Minh city. His prior experience focuses on Artificial Intelligence.

Loc Truong

Android Developer
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Backend Manager at DatvietVAC, Former Software Manager at VNG Corporation

Loc Truong has 12 years of work experience as a software developer. Worked on several big budget and key products for VNG.

Nguyen Nguyen

Android Developer
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Senior Technical Advisor

A passionate IT guy with comprehensive experience of designing, developing and deploying wonderful software products that could revolutionize the world.

Long Trinh

IOS Developer
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Bachelor of Information Technology – Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

Long Trinh has started working as a Automotive Engineer for three year, in Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Vietnam. Then he left the company to study and work as a Software Engineer. He has done experiments for building software simulation systems, full stack development and mobile applications. He and his partners ran a small business called Wiindi, which is a social discovery commerce platform to help online shoppers to discover, collect and track prices for any products from any website. He really loves travelling.

Ngoc Nguyen

Project Assistant
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Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) – The University of Melbourne, Australia

Prior to contributing her support in bitCEO, Ngoc performed auditing as a Financial Auditor for PwC Vietnam and prior to that, worked as a Financial Consultant at ANZ Australia. Apple Inc. Australia is also one of Ngoc’s previous employers. With more than 10 years living abroad, her outstanding organisational skills, exceptional language abilities, youthful energy and effective team work have been great assets to the progresses of bitCEO.


Bong Kyu Park

Korean Ambassador Chairman of World Blockchain Summit/ Korea CEO Summit
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Bong Kyu Park joined Hyosung Corporation in 1987 and started building his extensive experience in sales and marketing dealing with government agencies including Public Procurement Service, Korea Electric Power Corporation, etc. He held a position of CEO at Cheongjung Co., Ltd and Chair of Korea Mongol Study under the Ministry of Environment in 2000 in South Korea. He then won Mongolian Prime Minister’s Honor in 2004 and Mongolian Government’s Honor in 2017 respectively. He is currently President of 2080 CEO Forum, Chair of Korea CEO Summit, Chair of Creativity, Cities Culture, and Convergence Industry Conference Organizational Commission, Founder and Chair of World Blockchain Summit MARVELS. It has been 15 years since he led high end networking, fostering exchange grounds where more than 8,000 CEOs from political, economic, social, and cultural sectors have joined. Bong Kyu Park hosted or organized a numerous international and large scale conferences such as Bill Clinton Forum inviting Bill Clinton, former president of USA in 2004; 54th Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs in 2004; Korea-China Economy Forum in 2005; 5th Session of World Chinese Entrepreneur (Korea) Forum in 2010; Creativity, Cities, Culture Industry Convention of Korea-China 2014; and the Blockchain Summit Seoul in 2018. He has also operated CEO institutes such as CIMA, 4CA, CICON, and HERMES offering executive training programs for CEOs and continued to develop the Korea CEO Summit as the top CEO education and consulting firm in South Korea.

Tho Quan

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PhD, Nanyang Techlogical University, Singapore – Associate Professor, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam

Dr. Tho Quan is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT), Vietnam. He received his Ph.D degree in 2006 from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. His current research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Formal Methods and Blockchain. Currently, he heads the Department of Software Engineering of the Faculty. He was awarded many research grants in various levels, including the famous NAFOSTED national grant. Beside academic activities, Dr. Tho has also been a R&D consultant for YouNet company, in charge of machine learning techniques (like sentiment analysis or text mining) being developed at In 2017, Dr. Tho led a pilot research project funded by NTU, which applied machine learning techniques to predict flight delay at Changi airport, Singapore (see local media at e.g. Recently, Dr. Tho has also been interested in blockchain technology. He is investigating a research project applying blockchain for logistics, funded by industry.

Anik Dang

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Co-founder & Managing Director at SEA, former Developer at Firstblood Technologies Inc.

Firstblood Technologies Inc is an esports competition company that provides software for competitive esports in many gaming titles including Dota 2 and PUBG, serving hundreds of thousands of gamers and esports enthusiasts. Anik is a core member of a team that raised 465000 ether in less than 2 minutes breaking multiple records of its kind in the pioneering space of cryptoeconomy in 2016.

Thanh Dao

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Founder of Nexty, MBA at Cardiff Metropolitan University

Thanh Dao is Founder of Nexty Platform – one of the best ICO in 2018. Currently, Nexty reachs top 150 in the marketcap with the total about 70 millions dollars. Being a sleepless programmer since 2005 and also a sale director in Real Estate business after sunrise. He is a combination between techonolgy lover & business leader, who always find most effective ways to deliver technology into business. Blockchain & its application are his most current interests.

George Nguyen

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Startup Mentor & Career Advisor – Google Developer Groups Vietnam

George is an experienced Executive Director across industries including IT, FMCG, Logistic & Education. He’s a business entrepreneur currently mentoring a number of startups in Vietnam. George is opened for any investment/business invitation. His specialties include Management & Strategy Consulting and Digital Marketing Advising.

Logan Dinh

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Founder of

Logan has 12 years of experience in Digital & Viral Marketing. He is the founder of – Top of the top marketing agency for ICO & Crypto Projects.

Toan Le

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Multimedia Diploma of Marseille Industrial Institute, IMC Diploma, Project Management Certification…
Vietnamese Traditional Martial Art Master
Founder & CEO SeniArt JSC (9 years company)
Former Project Manager & MD Happyland Circuit Vietnam
1000CEO & G.E.N Community – managing team member
Pre Business Coach – Action Coach CBD Firm Vietnam

Toan holds a Multimedia Diploma of Marseille Industrial Institute, an IMC Diploma, and a Project Management Certificate. He is a Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts Master. Toan is the founder and CEO of SeniArt JSC, which has been running for 9 years. He is also the former Project Manager and MD at Happyland Circuit Vietnam, managing team member of the 1000CEO & G.E.N Community, and the Pre-Business Coach at Action Coach CBD Firm Vietnam. His values ​​are Happy, Freedom, Caring, Passion, Flexibility, and Karma. He is recognized by his clients for the “Client Centric Solution” that he offers.