Users and continuous supporters of Zeniius who have gained financial benefits and saved precious time with the platform.

ActionCOACH is the world’s leading business training brand, founded in 1993 in Brisbane, Australia. In Vietnam, the company has more than 50 active employees and has been training for thousands of businesses.

Anna Hang Nguyen

ActionCOACH CBD Firm

As a researcher, a trainer for more than 18,000 CEOs to succeed in their careers, I utterly understand the suffering, the loneliness, the obstacles and all the desires they have!!! “How to help a business owner Build A Successful Business, Automatize The Business To Unleash Leadership and To Duplicate The Business” is the question and also the mission that PDCA and I are pursuing. In 2016, after the meeting with Jalong and the CEO K35 Group, our mutual will and vision were established. It was the dream of connecting millions of businesses, creating a global group of CEO from 1,000 CEOs, and forming a global enterprise from 1,000 individual enterprises. It is a tough mission, but that is why we chose to realize it!!! Zennius has taken a huge step forward in organizing many events to connect thousands of CEOs to create transactions of billions dong. Moreover, Zennius is making progress each day so that The Genie could serve the society better. It will be a great assistant in the future for CEOs with leading technology and the dedication, even with the sacrifice of the whole group and the lead of JaLong. Thank you and wish you all happiness, health, passion and uniqueness.

Hoang Dinh trong


Here is Zeniius had brought me the effectiveness and convenient: Zeniius offline events helped me to connect with other businesses.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Hien

Kim Loi Dai Thanh PTY LTD

Zeniius has tremendously helped me in saving time in the strive for success, better than any other connecting platform I have come across. The true Genie for CEOs!

Nguyen Minh Hai

Hong Vinh Phat PTY LTD
Long Dien Thuy International PTY LTD

The platform allowed me to easily find and connect with business peers, suppliers, and clients, who are trustworthy and supportive from the CEO community; this is done with efficiency and speed unmatched by any other platform. With the current acceleration in expansion and connection we are seeing, Zeniius definitely will become the number one global platform for CEO collaboration, connection and business expansion.

khuu duc Vinh

Di Dai Hung PTY LTD

Zeniius has allowed me to expand my customer base rapidly, both domestically and internationally. As a result, the products we are promoting have gained recognition effectively, which translated into many commercial contracts.

bui duc truy

Nam Huy Hoang PTY LTD
Hung Thinh Production JSC -

I was able to partner with suppliers of great reputation and high quality in providing materials for my business, as well as multiple constructive connections with other CEOs. Zenius allowed me to make friends and dive into the Real Estate market and business. Zeniius is truly the best, bravo! ❤❤????

ngo thi thu thuy

Lien Ngan Son Advertising Agency PTY LTD

I could cooperate with providers of wonderful notoriety and high caliber in supplying materials to my business, and in addition, various useful associations with different CEOs. I would like to congratulate Zeniius in becoming indispensable in our lives as CEOs!

dinh xuan hung

Ngoc Viet Beverage PTY LTD

Business and personal demands are satisfied quickly, appropriately with incredible flexibility with Zeniius. The transactions are done quickly and with trust. We are also able to focus and filter the platform to solve our demands. The features are user-friendly and simple to follow – from publishing a demand, service, to promoting your own products. From being a CEO on Zeniius, I have connected with new friends and introduce many existing ones together. Thank you “Genie” – our wishes are truly your commands! 🙂

nguyen nhat phuong

Phu Binh Phuong PTY LTD

Zeniius has allowed me to access information and connect with others quickly and easily. The platform definitely stands out compared to other available application in the market. Since joining Zeniius, I was able to build valuable friendships and partnerships. Truly proud to support the young, talented Vietnamese creators of this wonderful application.

trinh thi thanh huyen

Phu Son Technological Service PTY LTD

I was able to source for top-tier partners with unbelievable speed, accuracy and trustworthiness with Zeniius. At the same time, many solid rapports between my company and clients as well as suppliers were built. Bravo, Zeniius!

le phuoc thinh

Phuong Yen PTY LTD

Zeniius has helped me gained many meaningful friendships and travelled to various locations!


Green Land Real Estate One Member PTY LTD
Viet Anh General Clinic One Member PTY LTD

Zeniius has, and is, helping me in becoming one of the top players in Vietnam’s interior design industry!

le van vinh

Le Vin Decor PTY LTD

Zeniius had brought me an extensive and secure social relationship. CEO community connects everyone to bring in practical and useful support to our business WELANDS

le huu dung


The platform has allowed me to connect with and learn from many experienced CEOs in the ecosystem, receiving informative lessons and beneficial experience in a multi-industry, collaborative environment. It can be said that “Zeniius has been and is doing many wonderful things for the community!”

pham ngoc the anh

Dai Phat Group

Zeniius brought me shares and connections.

pham thi thanh hoai


Zeniius connected business together, create a secure network. I can greet new people as well as find new partners, include the one who could satisfy my business demands.
Zeniius helps to bridge the gap between businesses domestically and internationally with the most quickly, convenient and advance possible.

do hong nhung

Kim Phung PTY LTD, MIND KEY Education Center

Much time has been saved and stress spared in search for clients and suppliers with Zeniius! Moreover, the information displayed on Zeniius is carefully screened and verified. This means we have complete peace of mind doing in-app transactions. Zeniius is truly our “Genie” – our “wishes” are its “commands”.

ho van vinh

Hung Thinh Viet Technological Service PTY LTD

Zeniius has helped me acquire many relevant business connections and speedily solve many business demands which may arise. Indeed, the platform is wonderful.


Quang Hung Commerce & Service PTY LTD

Thanks to the wonderful Zeniius “Genie”, I gained many meaningful friendships and successfully partners with high calibre suppliers, who have supplied some of the highest quality materials for my business.

nguyen thanh nghi


Quality friendships and a large pool of clients are just some of the rewards I gained from being on Zeniius. Thanks to the application, my company is on its path towards a strong and robust growth.

lam quang thinh

Hung Thinh Phu Construction PTY LTD

Zeniius helped me promote our company’s products and source for partners including potential customers and suppliers. Additionally, I was able to connect with businesses out of my field, which gave me the opportunities to expand my firm’s business.

Lilly Phạm

(pham duong ngoc thuy)

Hai Dang Import & Export Services PTY LTD

Zeniius helped me boost our organization’s sales and allowed for successful collaborations, including future customers and suppliers. Moreover, the platform gave me the chances to extend my association’s business as I could associate with organizations from other industries.

le van cong

Chat+ One Member PTY LTD

Zeniius “Genie” has been incredible in helping me with synthesizing valuable connections, as the platform is realistic and effective. Connections have been translated into commercial contracts, new friends, opportunities to share, learn and accumulate experience and knowledge. I am always proud to see Gia Long – the creator and “captain” of Zeniius – with his mission of connecting Vietnam’s best CEOs, uniting their abilities to reach greater global heights.

tran thi ngoc hai

H100 Export & Import Commercial Serivces PTY LTD

Zeniius brought me many exceptional relationships, eyes opening and the application of technology into my business. Hence, increase the effectiveness of my business.

ta cam ngan

Vinh Son Tec Co.,LTD

Zeniius has helped me obtain multiple valuable connections and friends. The community has been actively helping one another and collaborate successfully on many occasions and events.

vu thi thuy

Vietorigin PTY LTD

The application has gained me multiple favorable relationships. Specifically, Zeniius has assisted me greatly in sourcing for a supplier to do packaging, supply materials with high credentials and great quality. Bravo, Zeniius!

tran thi bich thuy

Long Thuy PTY LTD

Zeniius has helped me to connect to a broad community where we support each other in work.

bui thi tuyet anh


Zeniius has given me good relations, so I can easily find efficient and fast material suppliers.

Dinh Thi Lan

Công ty TNHH MTV Phương Phát Đạt

Zeniius directly connects me with business owners, helps me find the best products and the best price, on the other hand I also have the opportunity to promote my product more broadly.

Doan Xuan Cuong

Nhat Dien agricultural company Limited

Zeniius gave me useful knowledge through real-estate forums, and to connects with other businesses.

nguyen tuan


Zeniius is amazing! It helps me to adhere and develop more. It also helps our business getting more photocopy machine rental contracts from the customer.

hoang thien nhan

Hoang Lai PTY LTD

My clients use more our services.

We have more opportunities and our company are more well-known

mai dang truong son


With Zeniius, we can collaborate with simplicity, integrity, and honesty; especially in my real-estate business.

nguyen hieu

KOB Real Estate Services And Investment JSC

With Zeniius creates an exchange in relations and connects businesses, therefore, creates opportunity in increasing product consumption, and a quick search for products at a reasonable price.

nguyen thanh hung

CMP Engineering Corporation

Zeniius is a fantastic application that helps me to connect to other CEOs with filter feature based on the career which I was looking for as well as my need of helps and interact.

pham huu sang

Rong viet Mechanical Engineering Company Limited

Zeniius had helped me to buy a house at the most reasonable price that I would have expected.

pham van ninh


Zeniius helps me to look for business partners and brings me many opportunities.

tran huynh dat

Zeniius had helped me to bring in a lot of exceptional customers since I opened a new spa salon.

vo van quoc hung

Here is Zeniius had brought me the effectiveness and convenient: Zeniius offline events helped me to connect with other businesses. Hence, I could receive help from three different enterprises for my need for computer software.

vo duy hung