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BitCEO is proud to be the chief organizer for the event Vietnam Blockchain Hub is considered a successful event which put a significant mark in the history of the technology in Vietnam in particular and the world in general. With BlockchainHub, we bring these values ​​to be proud not only for the current step but also opens up a future of glory ahead for technology platforms 4.0. A series of activities has been significant in the event gathered.


With the presence of more than 30 famous international speakers includes investment funds with a total of over 700 million USD and well-known influencers, this event had created a positive “pervasive spread.”

Mr. Daniel Heller-Former IMF director and Swiss national bank- couldn’t attend to the event because of the visa issue in Thailand, but we were so pleased to have a conversation with him through Skype during the event.


The event is also where bitCEO establishes the co-operation with many co-organized units, where connect people who interested in Blockchain and technology worldwide to create a blockchain community. This is an opportunity and a step in the potential promising future for bitCEO.




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