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BitCEO & Zeniius in London CryptoEconomy ( June)

Blockchain Summit London is an event with the converging of many company leaders, investors, and many international blockchain companies. In this event,  CEOK35, bitCEO+Zenuiis and co-operative partner Nexty had a chance to engage in the blockchain innovation technology, IOT, A.I and explore many useful blockchain applications.

During this event, CEOK35 and bitCEO+Zeniius discussed with many other counterparts about the financial strategies of crypto and ICOS, market analysis, opportunities as well as solutions for different principle industries such as service chains, financial, medical, entertainment and many other practical applications…

Along with this event, CEOK35 and bitCEO+Zeniius had visited Facebook and Google office in London.




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401 thoughts on “BitCEO & Zeniius in London CryptoEconomy ( June)

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