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BitCEO & Zeniius in singapore ( February)

In February 2018, bitCEO has called in nearly a million dollars from its first private sale in Singapore.

In this trip, Ceo and Zeniius community have had the opportunity to meet and established a co-operative relationship with some of the top CEOs in Singapore such as CEO of the Google Development Group and many of great young talents in the Singapore crypto valley include Ceo and Founder of the Kyber Network, Digix Global. There was also a meeting with Mr. Patrick – Chairman and Legal Advisor of the Singapore Supreme Court since 1980- adviser of Lee Kuan Yew and good friend of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Within three days in Singapore, the Ceo community and bitCEO also went to the crypto valley at Science Park, the Singapore technology hub with more than 20 top leading Singapore companies in Blockchain field. There was also a visit to Singapore’s most famous university NUS – rank 12 worldwide and even known as  “Harvard of Singapore” to talk with the blockchain professors of IT faculty.

At the same time, CEOK35 were participating in the Blockchain Economic Forum – a blockchain event in Singapore with hundreds of famous global blockchain enterprises, as well as investment funds, BBC editors, Bloomberg, CNN, Cointelegraph, Bitcoin Magazine and more importantly, is the attendance of the Mexico President.

Acquiring from this trip, CeoK35 and Zeniius have successfully established the first round of strategic cooperation – put feet in the Japanese market with the successfully set up for more than 120,000 users.

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Hackathon contest is held throughout the three days (23-25 ​​/ 09/2018) of the event. This is
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